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When one thinks of court, one thinks of justice. Justice is supposed to be blind. Judges aren't supposed to be when it comes to justice. This site provides a candid look at the Sydney's judiciary and why you may not get your day in court.
And to the ones who do actually get their day in court, their rights are being stripped on by judges willfully violating their oath of office. Justice is not being served in an astonishing number of cases, with verdicts leaving the public in disbelief. My case is just one of so many identical cases that filled Sydney’s courts. Only difference is; I was lucky to knew how to make website, rest of the victims weren’t so lucky.

There are good judges out there, but sadly there are quite a few bad ones as well. This site aims to take a look at the inequity in the justice system and how innocent people are being harmed by it. It should interest you, as if you meet in an accident, are robbed, scammed or abused in anyway, the court system is supposed to be one of your (legal) remedies and the very one that might inexcusably fail you the most.

It is apart of why some repeat offenders in both the civil and criminal circuits are so bold and arrogant in breaking the law, as they know they can buy off cases. After publishing this web site, I told my friends to look for me to be set up for something I didn't do, harassed and jailed like Nelson Mandela. Judge Spigelman have done it to others so why with me should be any different?
Judge Spigelman is  the most corrupt judge in the entire NSW judiciary Appointed by Bob Carr government, he has shown reckless negligence in many cases that has been criticized by the public and professionals alike, in pieces that are available online. Judge Spigelman in the Sydney's supreme courthouse has been given cases of serious importance and the way he acted in each case is making a negative impact on the county's name and the court's credibility in the world



From: vesna s []

Sent: Monday, 16 August 2010 1:13 PM


Subject: Information

Dear Sir / Madam

In 2000 I started legal proceedings in NSW courts ADB, ADT, Supreme Court, Federal Court.

Through this process I came face to face with judicial organized crime supported and protected

by Government (both state and the Federal). My case turned to criminal case where I was denied

basic civil right; trial with the jury, among many other issues My case is published on web, 

If I understand well, international lawyers can assist Australian citizens in legal disputes with

the state. If this is correct can someone contact me who graduated and worked in overseas law firm?

Thank you in advance, Vesna


From: Michelle Sindler ( 

Sent: Friday, 20 August 2010 7:56:06 AM


Dear madam

Thank you for your email.  Unfortunately ACICA is not in a position to give out legal advice.

I would suggest you please contact your local law society or legal centre and they will be able

to help you. Thank you, MICHELLE SINDLER

ACICA / Secretary-General


Dear Mrs. Sindler

Thank you for your email.

1. I didn’t ask for the legal advice, what I was asking is the access to overseas graduate lawyer

who’s not an Australian citizen. 

2. If I had access to the local Law Society I wouldn’t contact International Dispute Resolution Centre

3. That is the reason why this email wasn't sent to you (Australian-Sydney-graduate lawyer) but lawyers

who work in Dispute Centre but are not Australian lawyers

With compliments, Vesna


Tuesday, 24 August 2010 11:56:16 AM

vesna s (

Dear Vesna
We are an organisation charged with administering mediations and ADR. We do not unfortunately

have dealings with overseas graduate lawyers. We do not have overseas lawyers working at the centre.
Regards, Michelle Sindler








The 'golden-one' from our judges. Impact-statement? To whom and what for?

Victims statement? And thats suppose to help? If Vesna’s statement didnt 'convince' judges and University what chance I have?

And you really think its about the statement? People, its about corruption. You can  writte the bible all over again it wouldnt help. Decision has been made before you enter the court. Hungary

Australians you are brave, I would be so scared to go to court... I don’t know..



18:27 AEST Tue Oct 3 2006

PM J HOWARD brands NSW govt as 'most incompetent'

The NSW government is the most incompetent government in the nation, Prime Minister John Howard says.

Addressing the Millennium Forum Liberal Party fundraiser in Sydney, Mr Howard said of all the state Labor governments, the NSW government was the most complained about.

"None is more criticised, none is more incompetent than the government of NSW," Mr Howard said.

Mr Howard said the federal government's 10 years of economic policies had resulted in "prosperous" times for Australia, by contrast, NSW Labor government is worst in management of the state's economy.

"You can talk about any industry sector in NSW, it's starting to have real problems in stark contrast to the rest of Australia.  The only big growth industry in NSW is the bureaucracy.



I dont care who says what but the Chief Judge to behave like NSW Chief Judge....I think we are the only one in the world to have Chief like him. AN

Does he understand what he is doing to us? We are forced to accept Supreme Court Judges as people who are in charge of the Law Order. That the same people who defame and abuse victims of crime? Someone say something..? Am I going crazy? Is it me or ... what? STEPH

Nothing's wrong with-ya Mate Somethings wrong with them. ZARA

If he can buy respect Judge Spigelman would be the most respected judge in Australia. But thats not ‘the issue here’ PIA

Absolutely, now hes giving everyone compensation, like its his own money and not taxpayers. The more he gives the less we respect him, why he cant understand that? PHEW12

Just an idea that the Chief Judge has no idea that THE JUSTICE is what we want makes me so f…ng annoyed. TIP

Its Turnbulls and Kev747 job to address this in Parliament -not waist our time on global warming that even scientist cant fix. Kev747 is the worst PM Australia's ever had and Turnbull is bloody just behind. From d day he took over hes bloody doin noting. Like Howard, wouldnt leave until Liberals lost election. Hes from NSW, isnt he? Maybe hes there to make sure that Debus wins next election? Bloody politics. In the end they will s...w up our country. Bloody ^%$!@ ANGRYANDY

I agree with the dude above, its Turnbulls job, Kev's747 job and particularly Frau Julliet to brough this issue in Parliament Question time. I cant go to Parliament house but you know what - that might be the only way to be heard. SOMEONE should shout loud during the Question Time: "NSW is trying to get rid of Judge Spigelman because he is corrupt!!! Can someone do something or we have to get rid of you first?" PLESHAN

Good ONE, I think Mr Jackson is that person. Hay Mr J ?

Anytime Mate, memymates are ready, anytime



I don’t think that someone new would fix ‘our anxiety’. Who would select them? Judges? I don’t trust them.

Im still coming to terms that the Registrar could steal and ruin your case. Tell me Im stupid, but I really struggle with that.

Ves, do you know that tall Registrar, Brunno Howe? I saw his name on a few documents on your web, is he OK?

You mean tall guy? I didn’t see him lately.

I think he is judge; U got it wrong, I saw him in the court actually

No, no, he is Registrar, he was quite professional, didn’t hear any complains about him. Ves, do U know him?

I had Mr. Bruno Howe maybe 3 times, when I just handed my case and after 2 years with justice Harrison she sent me again to him. When I asked him why after 2 years Im again in front of him… he was struggling what to say.. I didn’t have any bad experience with him, I know he doesn’t steal the documents – that’s for sure, I talked with many people – nobody ever made any complains about him. I asked him a few times for ‘direction’ (he didn’t kill himself helping me), but he did answer all the questions related to my legal matter. I do believe that he is professional. I would recommend him to anyone who decides to go to SC Sydney

Ves, do you think Bruce Howe not Brunno Howe?…  I don’t think he is there anymore.

Bruce.. Yeah could be – cant remember, but hes last name is Howe, that I know. He was working when my matter was there; he is the only one I would recommend.

No he is not there anymore, someone told me.

That’s what I would expect; he was too good for the Registry. He should have been principal Registrar – not Greenwood.



 After what they did to Vensa I wouldnt know what to hand-in and what-not-to hand in. Its clear judges would use everything against you. Every single document is turned around to work for and protect the 'system'

Ok, we are Greeks and my aunty lives and works in Athena, she is barrister. Ok, law is different overthere but some fundamental things are the same in evey 'corner' of the globe. So I discussed with her this website and what she said (among million other things) is that what judges published (among million other things they published) was breach of confidentiality. Vesnas personal issues are not in the context of her legal case and has nothing with her case overal. However thats probably the last problem of all and ....Ciao,  Arnella  (many good points but rest not relevant to this topic - Mrs J)

Thats excatly what my problem is, thats one of the concerns - how much judge should know? Obviously they are like KEV747 (dont say the thing Judges are in the room) Sasha

Would be heaven if we can hand in our case anywhere we want in any state we want. Rest?.

UPDATE SEPT 5TH 09  After all I heard, than Vesnas case, than chatroom discussion + my neace with the same experience as Vesna - I'm not going to hand in a single document I think shouldnt be there. Thats it. Vaucluse

UPDATE SEPT 11TH 09  The same here but my mum is concern; what if they find out? If they find out - good for them. To hand in MY LIFE to someone like judge James who has no idea what to publish and not - Im not mentall.



No Thankyou, I would have Hearing in Sydney only if U drag me there. I don’t trust them. Full stop - Lucy

O, I agree with Luc, Judges there have no insight what they have done. They harm and defame and ‘lets go regularly – nothings happen’ Did Ves ever told U what’s happen with defamation published by Judge James?  Because she was defamed she told kids she will go to Court and people responsible will be punished. So when her matter was finished her younger daughter-friends went to see on the SC website j James decision. SHOULD I CONTINUE? Her private issues splashed all over and University and their crimes not even mentioned. Mate, her daughter went to shock, learning private things about her mother on the website in the company of her friends. You know what Mate, this issue is Vesna's issue and it is her personal issue – BUT ITS MINE TOO, I have 4 children, I asked them how would they feel in situation like that… Mate, I will fight for her issue until I died. NSW Gov must understand this is personal, for every mother, this is personal. And we will go till the end.  

That was what worries me. There are certain issue that (if my family and boyfriend) find out could have disastrous effect on all us. Those judges are the clear and present danger. They do not know what is appropriate, that’s the first issue… than everything else 

When U mention that,  guys go and see this document on page - DLA PHILLIPSFOX - Justice Harrison DEFAMATION. Supreme Court couldn’t spell her name for 2 years correctly BUT when decision was published… Guess?  Her name was 100% correct. When it comes to me – trust is gone. If I ever need the court I will appeal to the highest court in the world to accept my case – wouldn’t go in Sydney even if they offer 5 MILL

What makes me annoyed is that arrogance, that approach; Yes we did the crime, will give compo to anyone except Vanessa because she busted us publicly. If you want respect – you have to earn it. You have to fix your mistake – not bribe people. 



Thats what concerns me, You have to take seriously Judges order but what they did to SP was outrageous. Someone said that this is the worning for the rest of us, its clear how they work.. its selection, who will receive COMPO and who will not. Now when Debus is in Federals they will abuse who-ever-they-want, because nobody cant do a thing. Kevins flying around and has no clue whats going on in his country.

I realy thought that cant be worse than 'Howardism', but I didnt count Debus - who would ever thought he would return? Very well planed. About Rudd? He is a nice guy... like Iemma.... But what we need is not a nice guy, we need someone whos ready to fix few things and that wont be easy.

I thought that being safe in University is something you take for granted.. but not in Newcastle. But I do not blame anyone else but Howard. Rome wasnt build overnight. Corruption takes time and Howard played a huge role in this. H U G E. 11 years of power and NSW turned to be the worst state in country. Cant be "I didnt know" or "We do not interfer with Judiciary" Yes, Judges should be independent... but Judges who can be trusted, and I do not trust our Judges. But, I salute to Ves, I asked my stepfather (his policeman) to take a look and tell me what he thinx about Margaret. .He said he heard about this - but didnt know its that bad.

Me and d Sydneys Court? NO, thank you. God forbid, hope I'll never need their service.

Barbour, Puplick, judges and Debus. Those people ARE famous. Ask any Registry in any Court in any AU state and the feedback is the same. I think this went for far too long. However my concern is Vanessa, NSW wont take responsibility, They will blame everyone and everything and Vanessa is d perfect target.



Court proceedings and disability? They almost killed Ves. I wouldnt go there no matter what. My daughter suffer from depression, just to imagine her to be abused by Judge Harrison for two years? I dont know what the Hell they were thinking, how long this abuse is going on, is it something like in Newcastle University systematic - abuse of people with disability, why the former PM HOWARD was silent about this? Why Debus did nothing? He changed the policies but never protected any single student? He was part of this abuse and now he is family minister?

The same here, I have 100 questions but our judges refuse to justify this crime but they continue to abuse Vesna & family. Whos the prime minister? Who we voted for  to make tough decisions? At least we know this time. Sorry Kev747, Theres no abuse of women and children. If you cant do a thing - consider your options.

Iemma knew as well? NSW Ombudsman? ICAC? Sh..t Kev747 knew before he took over from Howard? Jesus

  Supreme Court PROPER HEARING?  looks like

Vesna, dreadful to say but we have no clue of how judges are suppose to conduct We were treated so badly even if we are mistreated we wouldn’t know that, any advice, Ves PLEASE - Roma, NSW

For all of you without Foxtel I have download a few episodes and posted on 'abracadabra' thinker room, mine not Brian’s. This is not legal, and you are warned not to copy on your hard drive or even watch. It would be breach of law. Couldn’t come with anything else. For D rest of U with D FOX

Judge John Deed  - Judicial Review UK-TV (chl 103) foxtel (different times)

TRY not to get involved in his personal life, thats to pull ratings up - ... that’s TV stuff. Pay attention what’s going on in the courtroom; HOW judge talks with victims of crime, HOW legal firm (defendants) behave HOW Councilor speaks with D victims of crime. The same legal process U can find in every civilized country where law is the law and judge is the judge. U have to understand that the LAW is foundation on which one country function. NO LAW - NO COUNTRY.

Excelent question Roma and thanx Ves, excellent question

OR go to the Federal Court when HON JUDGE MOORE has hearing. It really FEELS and LOOKS like any PROPER court, and he is a VERY decent judge. That might be the reason why he is still Federal Court Judge and corrupt Judge ALLSOP is President of the Supreme Court Criminal Appeal. You breach the law in NSW and of-u-go on your way to successful career.

Excelent question - I agree and I'll go to see judge MOORE + 100 emails with the same feedback




Finally, you got that right 'Scipy'

Hay his talking our language.100% agree with this one. 'Let start cleaning' A.A and S.M.

Yeppe, OK, FIRST Sue Beach, return her to d Mother England, she is thief, she is liar... she is vexatious lawyer... TaraB

Nope, Sue cant be first. What about Judge Spigelman. He breached  his own policy... He came from Poland? Scipione... return him there. No crime in MY country. Well judge, you dont like it here... Poland will welcome you. GoodLuck  Maree

No way - DEBUS is first, one way ticket for lying to victims of crime, for covering up corruption, for taking the role in federal government despite knowing that nobody wants him there. I dont want u here, Sydney'sSider 100% ozzi Smith S and S

If I may? Chris Puplick and Bruce Barbour? Out. My familys here for 200 years, none of us breach the law nor abuse any decent individual. With U2 we'e had enough. Puplick believes he can abuse one nice family and just turn the blind eye on what has been done. Out, PUPLICK out!!! DawisF

Thats OUR POLICE, Scipo those two -  justice Harrison and justice James,  two -one-way tickets and sayonara. Back from where you came from.

What about Ms Greenwood, Principal Registrar? The fist available seat and off she goes. I dont care where shell go, Iran, Iraqe... Afghanistan... go and see how people live there than you will appreciate what WE HAVE HERE. And what we have here - U WILL NOT PLAY WITH.  Graham

Bec Lynch? What about her? Ireland, Scoltland...Wales... I'll buy the ticket, Leopold

Its a very poverful statement from a very powerful Policeman  It takes a lot of courage to say that.  Mr. KNOX COMARTI,  D558 Silver VALEY Ste 206 Naamans Building, Wilmington, DE 19810-4910


  IF NOT the Supreme Court  - THAN WHAT?

That is 1MIL question. U cant lodge your case out of NSW. and in NSW we are abused. F...k What kind of Gov is this Pit

I support Ves 100%. You are victim of crime - you can prove that - where the Hell ELSE you can go for protection and compensation? The Court is the only place and if not whats left? Should I "take justice in my own hands" Nart

Yeah, I guess, good point. Whats left for Ves? Victim who did just the right thing - she is only one on this website who ebey the law and respect the judges. And NSW judges are so immoral and bad they want to destroy only person who live life according to law. BC

Make sense, mate. Our judges are so adicted to crime, they cant stand someone like Vesna. She is probably constant reminder of what it means when you choose to live decently; people are on your side. It must make them feel bad about themselves. QQQ

RE QQQ   Well said. What they think? NSW judges are trying hard to convince us that they 'are different' now, things are improved, our complains taken seriously and yet they continue to abuse Ves and her family. Shocker  han

RE QQQ   Absolutely, she is like mirror to them of how should they behave, particularly Debus.

RE QQQ   Just the thought that he is Lawyer ???? was Att General ???? Promoted by Kevin747 to top job, that was what made us decide to move to Canada, permanently. NSW is not what it was once. I blame Howard KKK



What options? We are prisoners here. You think they would behave (read abuse) if we have any other choice? They know we cant go anywhere. We should have choice not being forced to accept abuse. If I could lodge my case anywhere else. would never do it here. When I see what's Vesna went through.. and for what? What she did to give judges right to do what they did. And Parliament covers for them. And abuse is going on. Howard's neglect was crucial... now Debus is in charge.

My sister wouldnt go in Supreme Court if you force her. And her case is big-one. She doesn’t trust any lawyer, any registrar, any judge...She is terrified for her daughter. She said if they did this 2me and my daughter we wouldn’t survive.

I cant accept that the legal system could abuse children, I cant, that’s it. This is for d "parliament question time" This silence protects corruption and makes more opportunities for judges to do what they want. Nobody should have that much power.

What about Ves's children? Who will take responsibility? Ignorance will not solve this. Debus and judges are so immature and their action so disgraceful. To think that they have a law degree it is mind-boggling. Whats the message? Finish law and do what you want? I dont want my children to live here.

What I found the most bewildering is they blame Vanessa for everything. To them she is the sole problem, nobody else. Those people need someone to explain to them - what they do hurt people, damage children and is against the law.



The only way to save our Chief is to force people to go to Sydney's Supreme Court. BUT you cant force, it would be to obvious. Better close-down all other courts and move judges we trust to Supreme Court Sydney. # And when there our Chief is giving money to everyone except Vanessa and Scott. This is bribe, nothing else but the bribe. Tianna

The idea is not bad but it raises another more serious issue - To me - Chief Judge has no idea what 'the justice' means. You cant blame this guy, he simply has no clue what the justice is.. Trev

Does he realy think that he can buy all of us? To give us money and we would go along with this crime? Scott and Vesnna .. well bad luck. Guys... whos this guy? Cant believe  sinisha

Makes me wonder how many people had the same treatment from S.C. judges, Scott is horror story, Ves and her family - well thats beyond something I could coprehend... Ju and Ann

Guys those question are for the Parliament Question Time. Why those questions are not raised where it should be raised... thats the job for newspaper. Why newspaper cant publish our letters thats beyond me. .. Anthonio  (without Melanie)

I'm really concern I woudnt go in Sydney Court for 1 MILL. I dont know how all of you can?.. Matar

Who said we can? My first door neighbor is victim of crime. Some idiot stole from her house jewelery when she was away..I told her number of times to go to police and press the charges (she knows who did it) but she has lost all faith in Sydneys Courts. I dont know what she would do if she is given this link. Poor woman. She doesnt trust police as well. And she is really one lovely old lady, so nice. We migrated from Finland 7 years ago and she was our first neighbour. ke a mother to us and like a grann to our children. I really thought to go to police myself and report this but she wouldnt forgive me that. Very sad Kurt


No matter how long I live I'll never - ever get used to ignorance and passivity from the rest of Australia. Dont try to justife our country - my opinion wont change. Taraus

I have never felt comfortable about this. "We cant be involved" "Its not appropriate" My foot! This is one country and when discussing corruption you think people go like:" No its not Australia its just NSW... and that is part .." NSW shit is Australian shit, like it or not. Anna

I dont agree., Im more than happy to explain to everyone who asks whats going on in Australia... Mate, I'll pull the map from the car, explain where and who s doing what. Than abuse of students? No problemos... The same! Pull the map, and explain. Our Premier work hard just to be spit by NSW corruption? Dont think so.   Tia

I'm the same, just getting better - this Vanessa is the best that happened to Australia (and probably the worst that happened to NSW). I just cant understand ; all those changes for the better and yet Australian Gov still ignores her. She should be paid directly from the PM office and compensate (from the same source) Iiana

I think that might change soon, when rest of the world turn back at us. NSW had totally sc..w up our reputation. WE dont have the law? That applies only to NSW. Plagiarism. NO not Australia - only in NSW. Abuse of children by Supreme Court Judge - thats not Australia sorry Mate, thats happening only in NSW. Abuse of decent families, again its Sydney - not MY COUNTRY. SA Migrant


This man is dangerous 

The moment he introduced his "new cabinet" that was the end of the law and order

At least Howard didnt go against his own country, he would ignore people but Australia was on his mind 24/

I dont think he knows whats going on, what Kev has to do with the legal system? He understand courts as well as I do. So looks like if we refuse to go to Supreme Court and other courts are closed down whats the choice? Why the geek didnt closed Supreme Court? Who needs the corrupt court?


RE; as long as he wants? Get real. only in Stalin time people could be "in office for life" Not in Australia, cant be.

Shit Man, is he still around?  this dude should be first to go

My case was for years in his office just to be rejected as being "unsubstantiated" He is corrupt as you can imagine.

Getting better, he is there as long as he wants. If hes not good for the corrupt NSW Government he would be gone.. 

Thats why things are so tragic, people like him and his generation are in control over our lives.

Whether he’s doing his job properly or not every fortnight his bank account is bigger, so you tell me – why he would work at all? Sydney is bloody run by communist with communist Party; they are there rotten corrupt and wont move.

Socialism Mate. we are bloody turning into Russia and China. Freedom of speech? GONE A fair trial? GONE Jury? Almost GONE Compensation you are entitled to? GONE Democracy? GONE and whats left? corrupt Judges from the Supreme Court, corrupt Rees, corrupt Cowdery, corrupt Ombundsman, corrupt NSW. Thankyou Howard. Sir Martin

You cant blame Howard for everything

O yes he can, he can. Our litle Hitler had big picture in mind and NSW was left to Debus to "sort out" So dont you tell me...#&%$


 This man… his just getting better. How much NSW would be better of if he resigns? Jovana

Barbour to resign, why would he do that? He has the best job in Australia. Hes doing nothing. Barbour to resign, why would he do that? He has the best job in Australia. Hes doing nothing.

How much money we pay him to make our life harder and now its not me its Rees  This is as bad as Spigelman’s corruption conference.

Looks like they want change… Farrell will do far better to cover corruption than Rees. Like poor Iemma, they used him as long as they could. He even agreed to play part in ICAC’s  “disastrous corruption enquiry”

After all poor Rees did for Judges and Barbour? Those people would use anyone for their own interest. I just don’t know what’s their story? How can you convince an average intelligent man to take corrupt side against the whole Australia?

I was thinking about that a lot. In every country you are there as long as people want you. But that’s the trick, Labor wins every election, despite our complains
Looks like Mates from the Martin Places have’d enough of our ‘Reesee-boy’ Probably they worked out that he’ll be beaten @D next election so they are working on their relationship with the opposition leader Farrell… Hmmm
The same here Mate; exactly what Debus did to Kev747. We did everything to make sure that old Johny boy depart and take with him corrupt NSW Gov including Debus. In the same time Debus was working on Kev747 and his political ambition from state to federal. Can you imagine how happy the Mates were when Kev took over? Poor Kev… like Iemma and Rees

ICAC, Barbour... waste of taxpayers money

You know what? If we can swap premiers for a couly of years.. mu choice would be Victorian Premier. He wopuld turn NSW upside down,


  "Judges, like all other citizens, are subject to the law, but the need to protect judicial independence in the interests of the whole community means that, in respect of their judicial conduct, they cannot be subject to direct discipline by anyone else, except in the extreme cases of proved misbehavior or incapacity. In those circumstances, and in those only, a judge may be removed from office by the Governor‑General upon a request from both Houses of the Parliament"

Mrs. J, can you publish this please? Policy from the FC website seems like "fair shake of the sauce bottle mate" yet nowhere - nobody mentioned what they would do with the plaintiff, the person who lost the most..... can someone comment... Threah

Its clear why Kev747 and Malcoml in the middle r loosing their reputation over UTAgate. One wouldnt know whats worse - Parliament or Supreme Court?

Judicial independence? Yeah right. Judge Spigelman shouldnt be trusted that much. Ok, who will report to Governor General Ms Bryce?

Uh huh, love your sense of humor. Ok, our Ms Bryce would inform both houses of the representatives to make an enquirys and "come back with the results"

Getting better. Our Chief Policeman (that Italian dude) he'll be in charge of investigation.... hahahaha  ha

Ey may I? The daily telegraph, Australian, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and 60 MIN will go publicly... I cant go on.. hahaha

Its my turn... Our NSW Att Gen beautiful Hatzistergos would make a public statement something like... Guys I cant... cant go on.. hahahaha

I can... It is with d great regret that NSW Chief Judge and his gang are caught in d corrupt activity. This morning they informed me about their immediate resignation... Which I accepted..   hows this  LOL

100 and 100 emails , cant publish all - loved the conversation above. Mrs J


R E _
Media is guilty I BLAME MEDIA for everything. I talked with my mates 'over the beer' in club a few weeks ago. All of us were a little ‘tipsy’ but I’ll tell you we got it all from our chests. It was 10 of us (bowling club) that another group join our table, than another… Party! So we talked about Howard and Kev747 and politics. In the end this is what we all come to agree – If Margaret was available to us lets say it a few years ago, nobody would vote for Howard. We didn’t know the true Howard, media w’r instructed what to say (and publish) and we took it for granted. If we knew what we know now; about abuse of students, NSW corruption, Judicial corruption… Mate – Howard would be gone long ago

RE  MEDIA   We were given the wrong impression, Howard the great, Howard this and that. Why nobody mention NSW and what’s going on inside our courts? If I sow Margaret a few years ago I would easily predict Howard’s next step, the war, media silence, it would be so easy to put 2 and 2 together. Jivillo,, Wollongong, NSW

RE _ MEDIA   Ay, JIVILLO that one was golden, GOLDEN. The same in this department, If Howard ignored one decent hardworking family; why did absolutely nothing wrong - than what kind of man he is? Dictator? My word. Chriss Cortula, Caves Beach, Vesna what 'bout U?

RE _ MEDIA   Thanks to Margaret we can see how media operate, what kind of person Kev 747 is, his people and how tolerant towards the crime are?,  Newcastle, NSW

I think that media stopping us from seeing problems of disadvantaged people and having said that it prevents us doing something about that

Looking back @ Vesnas case I think that the media’s conflicted attitudes towards Courts, judges, corruption. They behave like they have no clue on the impact of how their silence affects people like Vesna

The court simply publishes (using media) ; we are the best, our judges are top, our courts are top of the league... And majority of us is inclined to believe. Media simply cover corruption and leave victims like Vanessa vulnerable and exposed.

Considering Margaret, I am concerns about how the media covers court affairs, read crimes and whats happened with victims like Vesna I believe we should knew about that. Ves?

Is the media part of the problem? Stopping us from seeing the real problems and doing something about them, asks Melissa Sweet

I think the media play a huge role and stay between us and the real events. They preventing us from seeing the real picture of Government, covering all of this and in the same time painting the picture of society that doesn’t exist. So when people like me, go out and experience ‘the real system’ and when you start complaining - nobody believes you – because its hidden. OK Margaret changed everything but to cover all this crime, abuse of people with disability… It’s a big problem. Mr. Debus can terrorize my children and me because his unlawful actions are kept from public. Debus that we, victims of crime get to know, the real Mr Debus, he wouldn’t last in public eyes more than 2 days. The same like Judge Spigelman. Start from yourself - would you have judge capable to do all what he did to me? Court is about the justice. People still believe in that, and to give them incorrect picture of the system we are suppose to vote for, and pay to protect us... Serious