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My legal case reflects the NSW legal system, how it operates, how victims are treated - in one word - mentality of the law and the order in Sydney - NSW - AUSTRALIA

about university

All those people below, are victims of Newcastle University, as much as I am. I do not believe that University can ever reimburse the damage, ruin reputation and shame those Authorities are going to face till rest of their lives. University has no intention to stop and that’s exactly culture I came to know and that is how I will remember Newcastle Uni. Its all about THEM, nobody else exist, even University reputation means nothing; what rest of Australia thinks means nothing, rest of the world and finally their own students, to people who works there that holds no value












about nsw criminals

Tough one. I will not evaluate or scrutinize but need to say the most fascinating thing I’m still coming to terms with; is the process after the crime has been exposed. The moment you breach the law you are in the care of NSW Gov. You are entitled to best legal defendant Judge can find for you You are moved to a better job though quietly, not to upset community   Your criminal activity will be “immediately forward” to respectful Mr.

The statement for the media?

NSW OMBUDSMAN who will immediately undertake thorough investigation. When he is satisfied that the crime has been done – your matter urgently goes in the hand of HON Mr. BOB DEBUS, man with wealth of experience and “unblemished career” Mr. Debus will go over your case than locked in his cabinet never to be released 
The bigger  the crime – “NO COMMENT” is more likely you’ll get. If public pressure mountains than the language used is not English, its sophisticated political statement – that a  ‘average Joe’ cant understand. Most likely:”Due to cultural barriers … or Due to conflict of interest... or To protect privacy of the victim… Att Gen had refused to comment. Tragic to say but its so good to breach the law in NSW and join the criminals


about nsw citizens

About NSW VICTIMS OF CRIME, DECENT PEOPLE AND HARDWORKING?  Don’t ask. . Everyone (and I MEAN everyone) who is there to provide help, advice, to protect you, tell you your rights, give you referral … suddenly disappear. Those people are gone from the system - they simply evaporate. What they leave behind: is I cant give you an

  remember NEVER-EVER blow the whistle

advice, I cant tell you what to do, I cant tell you your citizens rights, I cant assist you financially, This is crime…I do not have jurisdiction to deal with your case…By the way you do not have the case. Some of us who survive this rejection are confronted with the worst – to be forced to witness how those judges, premiers, lawyers and the rest of NSW Government goes after your families and your children until the whole family is destroyed…  Even that comes with that 'little extra' For all this time I have never seen remorse, nor willingness to correct what they did. What I have seen was absolute joy in the face of those people, some kind of narcissism, and sort of pleasure that grew bigger. Tragic to say,
in NSW it’s deadly to be decent citizen  or a victim of crime




JOB   Ms Flynn 'left' University of Newcastle, somewhere around the time when I did. Before she left she threaten all of us with:" Yes, I decide to leave University BUT I will concentrate on students on placement, supervision" She works in DOCS, child protection in Gosford Sometimes she is seen in Charlestown DOCS


HER PASSION   Unlike Chris Puplick who changed his 'job nature' Ms Flynn could not give up her pleasure. True to her words she still terrorizes students on placement around Central Coast, Gosford. .  However EVERY single student know about this website and refuse to close the door when alone with her. If state will not protect us - we will protect ourselves. That’s why the STUDENT Organization was established. Despite. .  she does what she loves. . and why not? The LAW and the system of NSW are on her side 

REMINISCENCE I thought I cant make mistake...


You cant blame one man for all wrongdoings that’s going on with our Government but we here noticed many changes after PM Rudd introduced his new Government and Hon Debus as his Minister for Home Affairs. One of changes was Ms Flynn comeback to Australian Association of social workers. If NSW law works as it should work, this lecturer would cost AASW millions and millions in compensation. University and Australia had paid her service to students with their professional credibility and NSW legal body with its reputation. Yet she’s back , guess that’s how it worked once in NSW and now that’s how it works in Australia.


No matter how many times I have seen criminals being jailed and received 'what they deserve' I am still taken by their last words of wisdom. Criminals who did serious breach of law, those people make remarkable statements There’s always something grandiose to say at the end, in an effort to maintain their innocence Jo Gaha is not an exception Before she left Uni at her last tutorial with us she stated: "Well, sometimes you have to do what is expected from you - not necessarily what is right” There you go. This almost outweighs the famous one "The truth is stand alone defence" This was something that would justify all the pain my children went through, my marriage break-up, ruin future... You name it. The life is made up of choices. With every choice come the consequence Because of that I guess the Courts are made to restore the balance. U do the Crime - U serve the time. (like everywhere else in the world, but NSW) Ms GAHA 'left' University of Newcastle, and resign as a President of Australian Ass of Social Workers. She works in  Canberra, Centrelink, financially she didn’t suffer nor her standard was changed. Basically she did the crime - will not servethe time.  REMINISCENCE AASW Code of Ethics.  Mr Debus comeback meant Jo was free to return to AASW website as well as Ms Flynn. And she did. Lucky girl



Ms Sue Beach
Qualifications BA(Hons) LLM DipLaw
Position University General Counsel


Fax 4921 7955  /  Ph  4921 5937
Email Sue.Beach@newcastle.edu.au
Location Chancellery Building,
JOB   Ms Sue Mary Beach works as University Solicitor My case made her extremely 'infamous', so she (like DLA Fox-guys) change the title to make it harder to find her on Uni website.. She was University Solicitor up to Supreme Court scandal. Than, legal council.. Than legal Director.. Than Director of Legal Unit... than Uni Legal Adviser.. Than when everything failed she had settle with University Legal Council. Phew!.  My case brought a lot of trouble as it turn to be that University bill was 3 X more than the compensation I was seeking. On top of that nobody will ever now how much NSW Government had received for their part in this scandal. I have heard that Ms Beach was very generous. Why NOT? It’s not her money, its mine
I have always saw Ms Solicitor as a unique person. I can’t help than think about her as a very gifted individual. I have seen so many people caught in lie, so many people lying but Ms Solicitor - she beats everybody. The moment you ask her something her first word is: WELL
than she starts; lie after lie after lie Dear, she is the Queen of lies. I am simply fascinated by this woman, cant stop talking about her. Of all the criminals I came in contact she is my favorite. She can lie and look strait in your eyes - without blinking. This is gift, she is blessed. She has style, posture, she is educated, her clothes reflects woman with sophisticated taste.... Unbelievable! I firmly believe that this woman is not 'used' to her true potential. If she lives in Chicago - time-frame-1930 in the era of MAFIA I don’t have any problem imagine her being Ms Solicitor for the 'Corleone family' (The Godfather movie with Marlon Brando)

PERSONAL   My legal matter had a huge impact on Ms Solicitor. She is a little weird those days. Ms Beach is all the time behind close doors, she suffer from nightmares and the Court Hearings are possible ONLY by phone conference. Who ever comes to see her - she is talking through the closed door and security is all the time 'on guard'. There’s more rumors about her health ....

WHERE YOU CAN SEE HER? You can see Ms Solicitor in action indeed I have watched a movie years ago and the leading actress reminds me so much of Ms Beach. Like twin sisters. Not by looks but by her 'verbal talents'. Want to see Ms Beach in action? - THE HOUSE SITTER with Goldie Hawn in the leading role. 
REMINISCENCE Do you know who I am? I am Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales !                             ( phew )
WHY SHE LOST THE CASE? I am often asked this Why? I think Ms Solicitor had taken my case too lightly


We loved him.  Even now, you cannot say a bad word about Mr. Carr without being confronted with some of his admirers.  No matter what my
tone was in the letter I have sent to him he would always reply with some kind words.  Every student who complained to him had the same opinion.
 Like current Premier Iemma, Mr. Carr was powerful but he didn't know that.  We think that we have helped him to step down.  Last few months of his leadership we would send him letter seeking Att Gen. resignation, blaming Mr. Bob Debus for what is going on with students in Newcastle Uni.  We told him if he cannot work with Mr. Debus he should replace him.  Mr. Carr took this very serious but Mr. Debus wouldn’t go anywhere.  So, our Premier made his decision. WE SALUTE     HOWEVER - Mr Carr didnt investigate, prevent, made public nor help ANY single abused STUDENT (though he helped Ms Solicitor... almsot change all the policies related to systematic abuse) Sorry Mr Carr, the statement WE SALUTE had to be taken away

REMINISCENCE IF MY GOVERNMENT BREACH THE LAW - WE WILL NOT BREACH THE LAW  ( ay, what about that? Still I can’t work out; is HE really naive or is HE playing hard?)


From the beginning everyone told me that the
only person to blame was Hon Mr. Bob DEBUS and nobody else. He was Att Gen, his job was to examine my complain and protect me.At that time I could not accept the simple truth that this man was responsible for everything that went on in ADB, ADT, Supreme Court and the Federal Court. The way legal Institutions behave - they behaved on his instructions. I blamed everyone else more than Mr Debus - because we have never met, we didnt have any legal contact yet I finally can say that I was victim of this Authority and his decision was to let the legal system to destroy my family and me. Everyone asked me WHY he would do such a thing? Why he would let victim of crime and her two children to be abused for so long. His one word could stop all this crime and yet he refuses to do his jobI THINK that he is part of NSW legal corruption. Why he enjoyed knowing that my two small children were suffering that much pain, why he NEVER protected two of them...?  I can’t understand what his was thinking.  If Genie from the bottle appears and I had one wish - it would be to meet this man in person and ask him how the child suffering could make anyone happy

INTERNAL "I assert that the performance of the courts in NSW is overall the best in the country"
EXTERNAL THE reputation of Australian courts has slipped and its position as a bastion of free speech and human rightshas eroded in recent times. Human Rights Campaigner, prominent international barrister Geoffrey Robertson.


REMINISCENCE (after ADT Judge Mr. Simon Rice published defamation) THE TRUTH is stand-alone defence

UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS 16.3 The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the state.


Sharing my experience with other students from Newcastle Uni we came to conclusion that Mr BARBOUR's part in this corruption is cruical. He would 'deal' with y our case for years, particularly if you have psychological injury, in hope that your health will deteriorate to the point that in the end you will not know what was your complain about or most likely you will forget about complain all-together.  Than why go to him at first place at all? Well .. . everyone will recommend Ombundsman, on his website is description of what he (suppose) has to do when you lodge complain. The words used are :RESPECT, PATIENCE, CONSULTATION, UNDERSTANDING  . . . Only when you fall for that and knock on his door you will realise in a matter of days who he really is, what his values really are and how crucial his neglect towards your case is. I see Mr Barbour as an Authority who simply refuses to do his job and someone who is 100% detached with what victims need and feel. As one of his customer (former Newcastle Uni student) said: "I have always thought that this job is too hard for him"  To me, personally, his service was below anything I would expect from someone of his stature. His negligent act towards my matter goes hand in hand with Mr Puplick service


 Reminiscence... Asked by the media to describe himself Mr Barbour responded: "Commited to the Truth" and because of that NOT TO BE TRUSTED


U ASK? What is obvious is that Mr. Puplick aged in unusual way. With age we are getting gray, Mr. Puplick surprisingly went from blonde to black. Does it suit him? Guys please; your sense of humor is like Ms Beach’s. I can’t discuss Mr. Puplick personal issues so publicly…

Below is one of many heart-breaking speeches that left audience deeply moved (70% knew what he did  to me) 
"Former Liberal Senator Chris Puplick takes a critical look at how we deal with the mentally ill in our society. People with mental illnesses are often incarcerated instead of given proper mental health treatment. As one example he cites the case of..."  It is imperative that while we undertake the major reforms required to respond adequately to the real needs of the mentally ill in Australia we pay proper attention to those sufferers from mental health problems to whom our only response to date has been incarceration In short it will require politicians to be courageous, so I for one won’t be holding my breath When it comes to my case - Mr. Puplick was holding his breath for 3 long years We all thought he would suffocate Thanks to the Student Organization formed after I publish this website - every new generations of students will know THE TRUTH about my experience and Mr. Puplick attitude towards people with disability


nobody ever asked, investigate or contact my family and me re; abuse from ADB 

NOT TO BE TRUSTED           wikipedia

JOB  Mr. Puplick was well cared for

He works at the University of Wollongong NSW, as a lecturer



Victim of crime: "Mr Puplick, when will Ms Sue Beach respond?
3 years later the President of the Antidiscrimination Board replied
Mr. Puplick "Honestly, I have no idea"
Mr. Puplick breached everyone.
8 Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law.

Puplick referred for charges

Oct 30, 03

By Nick O'Malley



The role of DPP President Mr. Cowdroy QC and ICAC’s QC Mr. Cripps is essential. Mr. Puplick crimes fail into criminal category and everywhere else he would be prosecuted and sent to jail. Puplick's DECISION

Victim would be compensated and family, (most likely than not) might be saved. But this is NSW and it’s not the way labor-system works, despite the fact that my allegation vs Univesity of Newcastle was not isolated case.

* DPP had refused to investigate my case, so there were no charges.

* NSW Omby Mr. Barbour had put me on the blocker list, and his best-Mate the

* Comm Omby replied in foreign language I couldn’t understand than later confirmed in english what I knew all along

* Att Gen Hon Bob Debus would help but he didn’t have jurisdiction to investigate my case

* Mr. Rice had already defamed me and lied in his report published on ADT-website (when I complained to President of ADT Judge Connor, , Mr. Rice was advised to remove the long-version and replace with a one-page decision - even this summary wasn’t correct). As this act was clear example of corruption and organized crime vs migrant woman with disability, ICAC was the most appropriate place to lodge complain

The golden boy, former ICAC comm. Mr. Cripps QC was famous for mixing ‘Corruption’ with “Incompetence’  so Mr Puplick's crime Mr Cripps has seen as incompetent but not corrupt, and my case was dismissed. To protect my privacy the following statement was given to media: The former head of the Anti-Discrimination Board, Chris Puplick, could face criminal charges for allegedly helping a Bunny lodge a complaint with the board and withholding evidence from the NSW Ombudsman. The Omby, Mr. Barbour, referred Mr. Puplick to the DofPP and the ICAC, according to his annual report; it outlines allegations that Mr. Puplick helped Bunny file a breach of privacy complaint against his employer…    THE FULL REPORT 


* Mr Puplick could not be contacted

* Mr Barbour was unavailable

* Mr Debus couldn’t breach confidentiality

* Mr. Rice was concern for my reputation… and refuse to issue the statement for media

* Mr. Cowdroy in the company of Supreme Court judges went to a meeting where the participants were thought how to use guns, in case of self-defence, so he couldn’t be reached... and the rest acted the same



Like many involved in my case Mr. Simon Rice was moved from one job to another That's how NSW Gov deals with mistake of this nature Something has to be done, company had to cover wrongdoing.  Victims have to see at least some satisfaction.  Some says that after years of 'doing something else' he is back to ADT to serve disadvantaged and discriminated, the way he served me.  He did pretty good job with my case; 18 months delay, than published defamatory statement, allow Ms Beach to respond with defamation and the court to accept this defamation as 'accurate' and finally email Ms Beach on regular basis to discuss my case. Honorable Mr. Rice - job well done
RESPONSIBILITY Nobody ever asked, investigate or contact my family and me re; service from Mr. Rice
WHERE YOU CAN SEE HIM? Mr. Simon is senior lecturer is law at Macquarie University in Sydney, than he moved to Canberra Uni than there is some rumors he will be back to ADT!!!! That’s not all: He can’t help - but help! Human rights, access to Justice, discrimination ... He is still very passionate about those issues

AWARDS In 2002 Mr. Rice was awarded a Medal in the Order of Australia for legal service to the socially and economically disadvantaged  Pfew





Oh dear, dear…    Our naughty girl.. she was unique figure in her own way. I had never met her in person. She would send her people to court on her behalf to debate with me - in the meantime she was in charge of written correspondence. O dear, dear. Her emails are little masterpieces. My job would be to cut and paste what she had wrote against evidence I include in my email to her ..... and she would be quite for few months. Than again, new issue is thrown by email, I would respond logically seeking response against each of my comments ..... and again she would be quite for a while. And that went for two years. Never proper response - despite her having access to every document in the registry without court order (but with court knowledge) Naughty girl is naughty solicitor Her best friend is Ms Greenwood Supreme Court Principal Registrar (she is far more classy thief than Bec) and together two of them would visit Registry after hours to check is everything OK (naughty...naughty)  WHAT WENT WRONG? Well, the right question would be what went right? Nothing! However many things raise serious concerns (stealing, lying, tampering, rewriting documents... one can get headache just to think about it) but I was nice to her and had a lot of patience for her... I thought this lady has a problem, and I tried to help… didn’t want raise alarm immediately.. But she was difficult. One of her biggest flops was that she had a very low opinion about migrant women, with disability and English as a second language… . I have try hard to explain to this 'accredited LAW specialist' that I'm not an average person with disability, and let her know that I will tolerate things up to certain level, but not more. Looks like she did not get it. I did a lot of research about who 'The Board' is who the Fox Directors are and I had a pretty good profile of each of them and knew what to expect from those clever people. Yet it took me a long time to sit and put in writing allegation against her - back up with evidence that couldn’t be ignored. I knew what will happen, didn’t feel good about myself doing that - but didn’t have choice. Mr. HAYDEN and Ms LYNCH had’ left' DLA Phillips Fox not long after that. WHERE YOU CAN SEE BEC? Don’t worry 'bout her she'll not finish on social security She has very powerful friend on a very powerful position. Guess?  Yes you are right;  Hon Bob Debus. REMINISCENCE  Violence Restraining Other VS Phillips-Fox

* Lynch, Rebecca Monica Grace Herbert Geer  the FIRM 

02 9239 4500



2010  BREAKING NEWS ABOUT BEAUTIFUL BEC    Our Bec, like all her counterparts had moved from one job to another As my allegation against her went to Judge Spigelman and he is the Chief Judge of NSW no further action will be taken against her. I guess that in Chief Judge's eyes she didnt do anything wrong; a little bit of stealing, tampering with evidence, hay.. Who ever went to jail for such a minor offences...? Not in NSW.  Like her legal firm that went from Fox to DLA Fox Our Bec did the same, she changed her name  She now works under bunch of names; she is LYNCH REBECCA MONICA GRACE  ... naughty girl ...


JOB Although in his early 30is Mr.Martin  was forced to retire. I will miss this   guy.  He was one of the nicest people I came across and for that matter not sure that Fox were ever-appropriate place for him. I don’t believe that being a lawyer means you have to choose Ms Beach's path; one of crime and defamation  I know (though not many) lawyers who are decent and do their job properly - but those people work hard, and you cant beat them in the court  There is only one way, or you going down the easiest road that in the end caught up with you when you least expect.

WHERE U CAN SEE HIM?   Don’t worry about this one. NSW Government has never failed any of its gang members. He will keep 'low' for a while than emerge in another legal firm or even in the court somewhere...        His friends are powerful

Reminiscence...   in'04 I told him once 'Between you an me I think supreme court is corrupt' In '05' his response was 'I love talking to you about everything else except the supreme court' I'll miss him     

BREAKING NEWS ABOUT OUR HAYDEN MARTIN   And as I said our Hayden Martin had emerged in another law firm, never faced the consequences of what he did to my family and me (not he but his legal firm) Unlike his sacked pal  REBECCA MONICA GRACE  he choused name less fancy so he is now  MARTIN HAYDEN SAMUEL .. Phew   you have to agree, sounds very smart and it suits him     

 this isn’t his actual size, Mr. Hayden is somewhat taller


I liked his manners - no matter what happened in the courtroom, he was always very polite towards me. No matter what has been said, and a lot of things has been said.. I have never heard Counsel being verbaly amateurish . I guess Counselor was professional and I was not - which means that Honorable Judge Moore was right ... and I was not.

...and another thing FOXES SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN INVOLVED IN MY CASE AT ALL DUE TO  CONFLICT OF INTEREST  Although this breach of law had happen in the court of NSW Chief Judge Spigelman none of his Judges ever responded to my complain about this breach of law . 

 NOT TO BE TRUSTED     Only judge who heard this and (in front of me put in his notes)  was  Hon Judge Moore. 


FORMER FOX LAW SPECIALIST Mr. Robert Crittenden    

also known as the  Fox best-kept-secret Mr. Robert Crittenden  has acted in many high profile liability and insurance cases, large injury claims arising from failure to act appropriately  The case that shoot Mr. Crittenden to fame was VS v University of Newcastle - arising from major University disaster, systematic abuse of students, defamation, and failure in the duty of care When everything else failed, than HE is the ONE. After almost 2 years of Foxes running around the bush, trying to win this case Mr Crittenden was sent to save the day. I'm told that he enjoys reputation of a 'top' accredited solicitor, always knows what he is talking about and X-question skills are his area of expertise. Well... welcome Bert  Mr. Crittenden s clients are: Ms Solicitor of the etc, etc , , ,  Newcastle University, clients willing to pay top $$$$, huge companies and everything and everyone else related to hopeless victims, huge breach of law & duty of care; particularly the need to protect rich corporation  where crime and neglect r daily served

Mr. Crittenden has many years of experience drafting statement like this particularly when deals with woman affected by mental illness, financially disadvantaged and the cases that by common sense can’t be won 

Despite all - I have seen a nice side in him, human side; he knows what I'm talking about. For that thank you.... And my girls . . . went crazy. At least 60 of them told me that he is the 'cutest legal thing' ever seen on Internet. There you go Mr. Crittenden If you just didn’t run away from the cross-questioning, I have some feeling we would have 'legal debate' to remember (off course you would win, you had judges on your side, remember?) WE SALUTE 

Reminiscence...    offer of compromise

NOW about the DLA Phillips Fox best-kept-secret Some say that Mr. Crittenden left Fox somewhere around the same time when Mr STRAHL The reason given was the same; Piper couldn’t accept that the smart lawyer didn’t 'sort-out' this case privately. Some cases are not to be brought to court. In every country those cases are matter of mediation 

ps what I see will happen here in NSW is the strategy of "VEXATIOUS LITIGANT" and the "PEST POLICY" are going to be widely used (and abused)  Cases like mine (millions-$$$) will never see the Court-Light. Victims like me will be rejected before they enter the Supreme Court. This will encourage criminals to treat victims anyway they like.


Mr.STRAHL (NZ office) did something that makes him in my eyes a very honorable man.  Mr. Hayden an Ms Lynch were sacked, my emails of complains were never put on the blocker list. HE was an epitome of a pure professionalism.  A few months later I received information that (being a smart lawyer) he wanted to sort out this scandal quietly but was instructed by NSW top legal body not to - advice that he unfortunately followed. This decision had cost him his job.  On Dec 17 '07 - London DLA PIPER Board 'instructed' Au Foxes Boards of Directors and Mr.STRAHL retired as Chairman.They didn’t like that Mr.STRAHL changed the name to cover company scandal and let 'Piper' pay the bill. Although I do not have too much sumpathy for the powerful side of the law who can abuse his position and disadvataged already discriminated side during the legal proceedengs I have to say I found this very upseting: FROM THIS  that this smart lawyer invested everything he had   TO THIS  ? I am disapointed by his decision related to my case. Well...

WHAT WENT WRONG?  Mr.STRAHL didn’t understand the cultural differences.  Piper's Board of Directors are based in London.  In Europe, we look differently at things like this.  Conservative Europe. Reputation is everything.  Money, fame, you name it, that means nothing to us.  All those things you can have it - but don’t touch our reputation.  Apology, to clear the name - that can’t be put into financial terms.  I know people who had sacrifice everything, marriage, children, and future - just to clear the name.  I know it’s stupid, I know that all of you will laugh at me, but that is something deeply inside most of us.  That was the reason why I tried everything before making complain to contact person in DLA Piper.
10 days later Mr.STRAHL had step-down Despite everything I respect him. I found some high profile cases he was involved and won... Have to admit; He was the lawyer and a half. Such is life

EUROPEAN VALUES   u ask about European values?                                     DLA PHILLIPS FOX - NEW ZEALAND - CONSULTANT

A lot of 'issues' are sort out on the basis on 'the word'. Yes, affidavit is affidavit, court is court.. but in Europe the "given word" - between people who value reputation - is valued far more than any legal document. (as we all know, affidavit could disappear, could be tampered with... or "Its not here, I didn’t see it and I didn’t read it" However when you say to someone; I gave you my word, this issue will be done like that..." There’s no way back. Europeans are open, we are far more trustworthy than any other race at any other continent. But this trust comes with the consequences; once betrayed, there’s no second chance.

DLA PIPER - UK  (in Europe this legal company is known as LEGAL GIANT, I bet Fox-Guys didn’t know that)  phew


DLA Piper is one of the largest law firms in the world and it is the only firm with more than 3,500 lawyers in North America and Europe

Their role is not quite clear to me... One theory; they naively accepted an offer from Sydney Foxes and when I lodge complain the Chairman and our Monica Grace and Samuel were booted out, to make it clear whos the boss and avoid any responsibilitiy Another possibility is that Piper knew and offer support, not likely,  but we dont know. However both of legal firm were involved in this crime and both of are responsible. How they would share this responsibility thats up to them. It was worth to explore this just to see how things going and to have some evidence that I did made a contact with Piper,discussing the damages.

So for being absolutely sure that NSW doesn’t have the court, the law and order I made a contact in '08 with registrar in UK, London seeking from him to forward my case to UK judge. I wanted to know is it possible for me to lodge my case in London as Piper was involved and crime had happened under their name (if not involved Foxes would be force to take responsibility) But Piper acted very quickly and very wisely, the following week on the Foxes website in a very small font on the bottom of the page new note was published...DLA Phillips Fox is a member of DLA Piper Group, an alliance of independent legal practices. It is a separate and distinct legal entity.  well such is life


NEW President & Commissioners  Australian Human Rights  Former judge of the Federal Court of Australia, the Hon. Catherine Branson QC has been President of the Australian Human Rights Commission since Oct '08.

At the time of her appointment, Hon. Catherine Branson QC was a judge of the Federal Court of Australia.

corrupt 10 out of 10

The jurisdiction of the Federal Court includes jurisdiction to hear and determine complaints alleging unlawful discrimination under Commonwealth anti-discrimination laws. Ms Branson moved to the Supreme Court Sydney as an ACTING JUSTICE  in 2008


Former Federal Court Judge Honorable Justices Allsop was appointed the President of the NSW Court of Appeal on June 2, 2008.  JUSTICE James ALLSOP is  Member of Judicial Commission of NSW

NSW Court of Appeal 


JOB   I dont know what she is doing now, is she 'punished' like the rest of her buddies, moved to another job or she kept  the same one  (she is in Gosford far from "crime scene" so that might assist Kate.

 Kate was last whos name desapear from AASW website. Thats public 'move' whats happening behind our back...Nobody knows. 

 Reminiscence...  Kate was AASW ethical director who wrote THE CODE OF ETHICS - the same Code and the same Policy that she breached one by one. What a hypocrite

 Like Ms Flynn and Ms Gaha in 2009 her name reapeared on AASW website. Well, welcome Kate, we didnt mist you   NOT TO BE TRUSTED