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The Hon James Jacob Spigelman, AC

16th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of N S W

I am pleased to say that corruption has never been an issue in Australia. The Australian judiciary has a long tradition of complete integrity. There has never been a whiff of corruption associated with any judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales in its 182 year history. The number of cases in which there have been elements of corruption in the judiciary anywhere in Australia, at any level, can be counted on the fingers of one hand. This is an important institutional strength which we maintain to this day

  Hon J Spigelman NSW Chief Judge




*   TONI Election performance 10 / 10   *    I don’t know what do you think but for us you are the Prime Minister   * We have voted for you, you was our choice and we'll stick with you right till the end   

Organized crime is considered as one of the major threats to human security impeding the social, economic, political and cultural development of societies worldwide.

Corruption undermines everything the law enforcement community works towards. It impoverishes whole communities, and threatens the safety and security of the many for the benefit of a very few


Election 2010 is the FACELESS MAN choice-

1) we welcome the new Prime Minister ups didnt  work well

2)  we welcome Prime Minister for the second time, yep that’s better - a little overdone but hay its Keating production

3) Now, where's Abbott entry? Julia, please explain

The best of Julia Gillard          

      Abbott ready to govern        

              A very long campaign   

                A night to be proud of

The winner concedes ‘defeat’


Naive people think if you remove an event from the www you'll remove the event from the history. Groovy.. so not !

The cutest mum on the World Wide Web.

Mum CONGRATULATIONS if is not for the faceless man your son would be in the winning party now

xx oo from everyone @ NH + Mr J

Mum - yes we can



11/2/2007  AUSTRALIAN INDIGENOUS  LIFE EXPECTANCY AMONG WORLD’S POOREST Please explain…  Australia can’t explain; because we are the eight richest country in the world

1770 Captain James Cook claims possession of the whole east coast of Australia for the British Crown Many history classes and books start teaching Australian history from this point on

1788 Captain Phillip raises the Union Jack at Sydney Cove to start a penal colony Aboriginal resistance flares within a few days of arrival of the tall ship



Mum's boy


Marsha, a girl from the Western Aranda and Warlpiri tribes, never knew safety, love or self-esteem as a child. But getting an education enabled her to put her life back together.

Help girls like Marsha overcome Indigenous disadvantage

Abandoned by her alcoholic mother and criminal father at just 5 years old, Marsha endured violence and practically lived out of the bush. Even when she started school, she couldn't read or write -- putting her way behind her classmates.

Marsha's story is tragically common.
Three times more Indigenous adults are unemployed compared to non-Indigenous adults. In some parts of Australia, 70 percent of children don't attend school, like Marsha. Without an education,
these kids are doomed to grow up and face the same employment challenges as their parents.

Indigenous children and adults are just as smart, capable and hard-working as any Australians. But without education and job training for lasting employment, overcoming the inherent disadvantage of being Indigenous can be impossible.

All Australians must come together to set things right. Join the movement to end Indigenous disparity


Facebook founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has agreed to donate $US100 million ($A104.64 million) to the troubled public school system in Newark, New Jersey, the New York Times reported on Thursday

The gift is many times larger than any the system has received before, and amounts to one-eighth of the $US800 million ($A837.08 million) annual operating budget.