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 I have had enough. I handed the matter to ICAC Now, the NSW boys club will see what will happen


NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY This website is my 4th website Previous 3 had been removed following complains by Ms SUE BEACH and DLA PHILLIPSFOX the legal firm who defended Newcastle Uni during my court process in the SUPREME COURT and the FEDERAL COURT. I found this act amazing because complains were allegation of defamation and using logo of both Uni and Foxes both of damaging their reputation Incredible! More so because Ms SUE BEACH is a pathological liar and UNI OF NEWCASTLE place where students are SYSTEMATICALLY ABUSED This abuse is worlds best kept secret and that is the reason behind decision to relocate University from CALLAGHAN CAMPUS to all over NSW all of that JUST to cover the crime and avoid responsibility towards me So in NEWCASTLE our Uni split in two; CALLAGHAN and PRECINT From the other 

is DLA PHILLIPSFOX the largest and the biggest legal firm that employ THIEVES After the scandal with my case their reputation was so damaged that they have to change name From PHILLIPSFOX they turned to DLAPHILLIPS FOX and went into partnership with DLA PIPER This came with a HEFTY PRICE though. So moving from one web-provider to another is the reason why many links were not working. Than when everything was in the working order our EX PM had discover joy of surfing on porno sites A few days after I published this info, all the links went dead Don’t have evidence 'who dunnit' but the style is so familiar to the style of previous FELONS who were tampering with my website That’s about this website About me and what had happen to my family? It starts H E R E

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There are many villages, farms and just lonely houses all around the world but when thousands of people leave, leaving the whole city dead that’s a real tragedy.

1  Decision of S.C. Judge JAMES

2  S.C. Ass Justice HARRISON 

Referred to ICAC

TJ Viljoen  Chief Executive Officer of LexisNexis Pacific

Dear Sir

It came to my attention that the two decisions of the Supreme Court judges are published on your website as a legal document. I was the plaintiff and what was published concerns my family and mine reputation. Both decisions are based on defamation, evidence was excluded by both of judges, Hon J James and Hon Ass J Harrison Both of judges are corrupt and not trustworthy to make statements of such importance. Their corrupt actions forced my older daughter out of country and brought great distress to the rest of my family.  I am asking you to remove both of cases from your website and inform me when you do that.

Thankyou, Sincerely Vesna







I would encourage Hague to push for the new law In the same way we are asked to respect the law of the new country we should demand security guarantee that the new country will obey its own law. Migrants than would have a choice to proceed or not.This should be introduced when applying to the embassy to obtain visa to Australia. 

Gillard winning entry

Gillard winning entry modified

Original winning entry removed

Gillard winning entry by Keating.media.aus for history archives ONLY

Newly elected PM Gillard didnt thank UK spin doctor

Independentt PM Gillard opening statement was not promising The very first words were ....   "Can I say we live in democratic soociety and it works It works well when Australian people put them on the test at the most important times; at election. The last few days show clearly that our democracy is very strong, very strong indeed”





Invitation to visit the troops? My foot. Julia’s stalking Tony again, apparently his wife didn’t let him go...

final week


8 months ago Liberal Party was nowhere

on.7.9.2010 Liberals had more votes than any other party in Australia

Mr. Abbott 

brought party together He did an amaezing job

Julie Bishop 7.9.2010


PM Gillard -winning speech 7.9.2010

My job is to continue to serve Australian people

This election clearly demonstrate our great democratic process 

said PM Gillard looking at the floor


This is Liberal's most succesful election performance in Australia history

media + international visitors

This is Labor's worst election performance in Australian history

media comment 7.9.2010


Original Nuremberg documents on display

Nuremberg taught me that creating a world of tolerance and compassion  would be a long and arduous task. And I also learned that if we did not   devote ourselves to developing effective world law, the same cruel mentality that made the Holocaust possible might one day destroy the entire human race." Ben Ferencz, prosecutor at World War II Nuremberg Trials

A World Court of Human Rights?








Yours sincerely


Corrupt NSW Chief Spigelman   

Do us a favor ---->




The BIG Thief


Hayden Martin Samuel 

Assistant Thief

The only way they can disappear, so to speak, is if there's a vote of no confidence. In fact, we consult the constitutional lawyers,the experts, on every small detail of these things so that there's no doubt about it,' Ms BASHIR said. 'We've got a wonderful democracy and elections do come around from time to time, so it's back in the hands of the people.'':


traditional owners  TO THE PRIME MINISTER JULIA GILLARD If is not healthy for you and your family than it is not healthy for our Indigenous families The search for somewhere to dump Australia's low level radioactive waste has been going on for more that 25 years. That search has frustrated federal and state government, and eventually led to a site being nominated at Muckaty Station near Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory But there's growing opposition to its use as a potential waste dump. Traditional strongly opposed, saying the federal government hasn't consulted with the correct traditional owners

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