John Howard
Malcolm Turnbull

Q) Atlanta

A) thankyou for your concerns. No i didn't unpublished my website; one with court proceedengs and Uni of Newcastle. My website was destroyed to the point that i couldn't fix it anymore. Any time i tried to correct what has been tampered with, the damage increased.
With twitter account was the same, they made me invisible, couldnt receive notification, and everything else you can imagine they did it.
My website is in Germany now, looked after by german friends. I don't access my website, but very proud to say
that in the first week it has been visited 25.000 times. Im told that, a year after, response is still very high.
website is restored now with a few twists. When you try to see my legal case published on the web, you'll receive the warning: IF YOU PROCEED EVERYTHING STORED ON YOUR COMPUTER IS IN GREAT DANGER. YOUR PASSWORDS, BANK ACCOUNT AND EMAILS COULD BE STOLEN OR TAMPERED WITH.
Corrupt NSW Legal Ass. can't do better than that?

Just imagine this scenario: NSW Supreme Court Heavyweights contact Au Federal Police with instruction to monitor my computer, emails and everything else because what is written there is the TRUTH.

Now imagine second scenario: OUR Federal Police act on this request without talking to me.

Mind blowing.

My Australian website isnt important anymore. Everyone read it, everyone knows, everyone's involved either way; legal case, government ignorance, police silence or perpetrators themselves, ignoring me and trying to wash their hands of any responsibility and move on. That's how NSW system works. But my case won't be removed from world wide cyberspace. It's published, will be republished, in different country on different language even long after I'm gone. This is about reputation, something i dont expect our government to understand. That's why we have the Law to make sure that justice is explained in the way it can be understood.

don't give me migrant-compensation-laughing-stock theory. I live in this country more than i lived in the country i came from. Yes. Proud Australian I am. This is my country as well as yours