John Howard

John Howard
Malcolm Turnbull

People have turn back on both parties and they will never vote for either of them. Both, Labor and Liberals are the same both of run by NSW Faceless Man, both are corrupt with one difference, Labor s taking money for their own benefit and in the process creates enormous debt, Liberals are doing the same, taking money from us to return debt into surplus. The same strategy with different outcome.

People voted for every other party but Labor and Liberal. When Mr Howard realised that and taking a good part of responsibility for collapse of both party, he went publicly with: "If you give us hang parlament, you will have Pauline Hanson" But there was no hung parliament. Libs and Labor lost it. People never wanted nor voted for independents. Mr. Howard brought them because they are not the threat to either party. Independents can't take over, neither One Nation because nobody voted for them.

And Ms Hanson, once the people's politician, struck the deal with the devil, abandon even that small group of supporters she had, and return to politics. This time around she started the same as Gillard; no voters support but spin. And we all know what's happened with Gillard.

Independents are here for two reasons,
1) To save Liberals with balance of power, they will do what they are told to do because they know there's no voters support and as long as they do what they are told to do, they will enjoy in our tax money, extravagant traveling and attention from Murdoch Media.

2 ) Second reason is Howard himself. Chilcot report concluded very unfavourable for Bush, Blair and Howard. It confirmed what we all knew, Mr Howard knew that Iraq was not threat, he was told that there's no nuclear power. Despite everything he sent our troops and killed foreign Prime Minister in his OWN country. Iraqis oil and gold are missing. Innocent people are killed, 1000 and 1000 children are left with disability, without parents, homeless living on the streets. May i quote Mr Paul Keating: "Howards involvement in Iraq war has opened the door for terrorism on Australian soil"

He needs independents to make racial tensions, turn Australia against Islam, stop refugees coming here, not because they can't adapt, but because those homeless children are adults now, grown up men, who read Chilcot Report and know what has been done. One doesn't need to be Einstein to work out, you destroy the family to someone who did nothing to you and you have enemy for life.

Marriage Equality, Dual Citizenship and all else that's going on right now, is to draw our attention from the spin that's going on behind Canberra walls. All of this costs a fortune, but that doesn't worry Howard because that's tax money taken from us with guarantee; it will be spent on us if needed. It wouldn't be the first time that this Honorable politician has broken his word.

What about Abbott? Liberal Party has given Australia stability and decent Prime Minister. We, the voters gave Abbott enough votes to work independently, and being a decent man, he would bring decency and trust... For the first time, in a long time, Liberals were what Australia needed, strong and united, but he turned to be week. We did everything for this man yet he couldn't use his power
* We removed Turnbull, he brought him back - not just back, but in the first row.
* It leaked that Abbott gave Howard some job related to policies and let him inside the party. Howard knew every member of his party; up, close and personal. Only he was able to divide the party, turn members against each other and replaced Abbott with his choice.

I do believe that to be back Mr Howard had to destroy entire party; CostelloTheGreat was first then Downer, Hockey, Abbott.. The best has to go, so Howard could return. Unlike Costello, Mr. Howard never cared about his party, everything was about him and nobody else. I will give myself liberty to quote Mr.J - What was left of Liberals now, is not much better that Rudd-Gillard government.

So, you asked what i think.

I gave you my word long ago, I will serve Australian Average Joe with the truth, the truth and nothing but the truth.

Promise kept.