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abuse of student with psychiatric injury Abused by Newcastle University and Supreme Court Sydney

15 May 09  "SAFETY OF OUR STUDENTS - TOP PRIORITY"    Acting VC, Prof Kevin McConkey

Safety is top priority for students and staff

The University of Newcastle is working with the NSW Police and providing support to students following robberies and attacks that have occurred on and near the Callaghan campus recently Acting Vice-Chancellor Prof Kevin McConkey, said the safety of all students and staff was a top priority for the University.

The University has a range of security measures in place We are constantly reviewing and improving our arrangements to provide as safe an environment as possible for our staff and students.'Security patrol across all areas of the campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Security are available to escort students and staff around the campus, to the train station or to their homes after dark'
The Uni coordinates its activities through a safety group, with representation from the NSW Police and Newcastle City Council to ensure ongoing management of safety
'I am appalled by these acts on our students I urge students and staff to be mindful of personal security and make use of the security services available' Professor McConkey.
'The University will continue to do all it can to ensure it continues to be a welcoming place. I applaud the response of the NSW Police and University Security to the events that have occurred'
Security Services at Callaghan can be reached on (02) 4921 5729. All emergency calls should be directed to (02) 4921 5888. Professor McConkey is available for interview Kevin.Mcconkey@newcastle.edu.au Contact Kate Robinson Manager - Media and Public Relations, 0408 115 467.

"It is essential that the hard work of Aboriginal people in our community incommitted to Aboriginal education be acknowledged through the Pathways Awards,"


BEFORE: WILLSON R - Judicial Member  Former Newcastle University student Scott raised his concerns to ‘Margaret’, about the legal proceedings in Sydney’s courts. Actions from ADT judicial officer was concerning and the statements given were alarming. I attended 2 Hearings with Scott.
Scott asked ADT for permission to cross-question me in relationship to ‘service’ given to other students In my presence,
Scott I need to respond to Uni response. Please may I have Uni’s affidavit available to me?

Judicial Member WILSON R - You can respond without having access to this document.

Scott How can I respond to (her) affidavit if I didn’t read

Judicial Member WILSON R - Just imagine you read it than respond...I think it’s better if you put in writing what you want to say’





Scott asked ADT to cross-question Ms Beach and was given permission. Ms Solicitor refused to attend in person so she was about to be cross-question over the phone. 1 minute before this she sent request to ADT and in it, she instructed ADT Judicial Officer to remove me from the Courtroom than Scott would have opportunity to cross-question her. Ms Solicitor request was based on ‘policy’ nobody heard of. So I was removed and Scott was alone with ADT and Law Firm acting on Uni behalf. When Scott emerged from the Courtroom he was greatly upset. 

To my best knowledge his statements were: Sue BEACH lied and lied; she didn’t say one correct word Whatever she made up I immediately hand-in to judge evidence that makes her statement defamatory under the oath...  Judge saw everything..  And ignore everything...  What’s the point coming here?


Judicial Member WILSON R    10 minutes prior allocated cross-question time

‘Ms VS, Uni legal Director Ms Beach asked and was granted that instead of being cross-question by plaintiff, you are asked to provide written statement. You will not be cross-questioned’

VS   ‘Your Honor, thank you for this information. However I need to ask you why didn’t you tell me that yesterday, this request was dealt at yesterdays hearing and Ms Beach and Your Honor made mutual decision I live in Newcastle; this is the second day that I’m traveling here

Judicial Member WILSON R  ‘Well Ms Beach and I ….
'The court thought…’

'We thought... ‘

‘I think it’s better if you put in writing what you want to say’





Scott was seeking $40.000 in damages, his case is almost identical as mine, and the damages are almost the same (everything supported by evidence) Ms Beach refused to settle and for 2 years she paying different legal firms to ‘extend’ those hearings.  Scott s family life had the same destiny as mine: broken relationships


Scott made available medical reports, psychiatrist reports, and any other medical documents to S Court and Uni. Ms Sue Beach used the PEST POLICY in this case and put forward that STUDENT should be ‘evaluated’ by psychiatrist of Supreme Court and Uni choice The court approved this and Scott was told to attend psychiatrist of their choice who will make 'independent' evaluation Scott was unease about this request; He talked with me early in the morning.  I didn’t see any logic in this and all of us told him not to go
I received phone call that afternoon.  Scott was greatly upset.  He was in extreme distress
This is my understanding of what has happen

Scott attended appointment and was subject to horrible emotional abuse. Psychiatrist behaved in an extremely unprofessional manner, making appointment very stressful and traumatic experience. After 20 minutes psychiatrist suddenly left the room saying:  I will terminate this appointment, your behavior is not appropriate’ and left Scott alone in his surgery

Scott was in shock, it took him 10 minutes to come to terms what’s happened, then decide to leave. However psychiatrist had locked the door and Scott inside. who was in state of panic, yelling through the locked door for someone to let him out, but nobody came in rescue He tried to escape through window however once out he realized that psychiatrist had locked all  ‘IN CASE OF EMERGENCY’ doors and he didn’t know what to do. 

He's got panic attack due to his disability ( post traumatic stress disorder) Than he realized that he had mobile with him, and in it number of the medical center, so he called reception and ask nurse to unlock the door and help him go out, which she did

From: v s
Sent: Saturday, 22 November 2008 8:03 PM
To  - International Court of Criminal Appeal - HAGUE 
Subject: Mr Packer
Dear Sir Madam, I do not expect help from any of you, and I am not asking for myself. However I ask if anyone can HELP this student. He is an Australian and like me very badly treated by University of Newcastle and Sydney's legal system.We are made from different ‘fiber’; he is not as strong as myself. I am concern for him. He will not last. This abuse that was "set-up" by University and court was almost fatal and I feel I can’t assist him anymore, yet to leave him to struggle alone, it’s not in my nature
What I am asking; is it possible for the police officer from any state to provide personal protection whenever he has contact with the court and University?He is intelligent, very gentle soul, about to complete master degree, employed as a teacher. What University did to him resemble to what has been done to me. If I proceeded with hearings it could be me who was abused.
It’s very hard here and I’m not sure do any of you really understand what we are going through? Nobody's safe. Particularly is hard for minorities, I am migrant and Mr. Packer is indigenous Australian. May I encouraged all of you to consider assisting Mr. Packer before its too late. Please Thank you in advance Vesna 
Cc - Premiers Cabinet (NT, ACT, WA, SA, TAS, VIC)


Scott SOLICITOR was a Supreme Court choice working for Student on a pro-bono basis.  After student contacted him complaining about abuse Solicitor told that he would contact University legal and see what has happened.  He did so.

SOLICITOR returned the phone call: “Uni legal Rep and I think that you should have another appointment with new psychiatrist, it’s your responsibility that the appointment has been canceled, looks like they will find someone else.

 Scott didn’t feel good about this - found legal firm on his own    

New legal firm, new solicitor – after years of delay - lets start again.  New legal firm informed him that his legal issue has good prospects in the court.  They will take hic case.  They told him that they would contact Supreme Court re; hearings and affidavits and will talk with Uni Legal Rep.


NEW legal firm’s advice: “After talking with Uni legal Unit we think that you should have another appointment with someone else, other psychiatrist, it’s very important to do that."

Scott has all evidence from his own psychiatrist who knows him for years.  I don’t believe that specialist can see you for an hour than provide report to the court that is more valued than the statement from another specialist who knows you for years.  Even if he does that – what he has in front of himself is the product of University abuse, damaged student, abused through the NSW courts, exposed to stress, defamation, and lies.  This doctor will never know who “the student” was before abuse so he won’t know the difference.  And our cases are just about that – what has been done – who we were before and who we are today.  The difference is compensation.


I am not psychiatrist, so my comments re; his mental health and how Uni abuse affected him is not relevant. Also I am not judge; don’t understand the law and what has to be done.  There was no advice from me



As I said I can only give you an amateur opinion that should not be taken seriously.  I am not professional, I am victim too.  However, you asked and I will respond 

I will not provide any support to Scott.  Nobody will go with him for this new appointment with this new psychiatrist.  Scott’s health had greatly deteriorated after the last abuse orchestrated by Uni and approved by the Supreme Court

I see him as someone who cannot make reasonable decisions anymore nor act in his own benefit.  I believe that University legal solicitor Ms Sue Beach had destroyed this student until point of no recovery

Her professional neglect, lies, defamation, delays, and ‘do-what-I-want-to-do’ attitude through the court proceedings put an end on Scott’s health I am in no position to advice him However I am in position not to be involved in this crime.


Today is a different matter More and more professionals are dedicated to tell the truth, rather than protect the system like in the past Ms Beach and Ms Beach-alike cant count on medical silence anymore so the Pest Policy statements from their own carefully chosen psychiatrist might be solution to cover future abuse of students.. Scotts  case is in the Supreme Court Sydney. Hearing continues


Scott has further discussion with his ‘legal team’.  This time it is even more optimistic and hopeful. He was told that his case is between 2 and 5 MILL, so for him after all abuse he went through this sounds like heaven. However.. I ask Scott what has to be done now? The documents are complete, compensation was weighted by the court (dare to assume) so what is between Scott and his compensation? He said that some paper-work has to be done, he was told not to worry, that’s simply court process, they cant speed up, that’s the LAW … Scott was in a very good spirit, very optimistic and happy to finally find a legal firm with no connection-what-so-ever with University and the NSW Courts Scott’s case is in the Supreme Court Sydney. Hearing continues


Yesterday he had another hearing. He had called me to let me know what’s happening Although Scott’s case was hand over to the Supreme Court in late 2007 few things regardless his case are greatly concerns me. Not him, but me.

Ms Solicitor of …..etc, etc..  still didn’t hand over evidence she said she would relay on.

Scott didn’t have hearing in front of the Judge and the Jury despite request being filled to the Registry in appropriate manner and according to the law.

Scotts allegation against psychiatrist who abused him was sent to court. Ms Beach never responded accurately nor explained why there’s no response in defence of psychiatrist of her choice. Scott discussed this issue with his legal team and was told that Ms Beach was surprised by his allegation because psychiatrist report was in Scotts benefit. 

I asked Scott if all of this took place at the hearing than why the matter can’t proceed in front of jury or be settled by University.

Scott was unhappy about my comment He thought I’m too much into ‘conspiracy theory’ They can’t proceed because Uni didn’t hand in evidence I asked him how he feels about all this delay, but the Scott I knew is not here anymore. From the day he was abused by psychiatrist he is very different person from the student I knew. This Scott is unusually optimistic, the legal case he was so concern in the past suddenly is not issue to be ‘concern about’ He is over-confident with this new legal team (lawyers who are finally on his side, who don’t know any judge from the Sydney’s Court nor have any contact with University)  He is very easily distracted and at times I am not sure he can process all I have said…

Many of you asked me how different he is, what I mean with that and to explain more my concerns. All I can come up with;

Like my younger daughter; when I asked her teacher why her performance is so appalling in school (we did consider all what has happened, we understand the trauma she went through, she knows that both her parents love her unconditionally) so why she can’t move?

Her response was: “She lost the ZEST for life, there’s no other explanation, she simply lost that sparkle she was so ‘famous for’

Scotts case is in the Supreme Court Sydney. Hearing continues


Scott talked with me yesterday.His case is going very well His legal team stated they will take care of everything, he doesn’t need to attend the Hearings Although in the Supreme Court for 2 years he is told just few days ago that this new legal firm still didn’t handed in all the evidence on his behalf. Now, they have a new theory and that is, "University is not who we will 'go after' We have to find the names of Academics who were in Academic  Senate (people responsible for all decisions in relationship with any claim) Scots team believe those people are responsible - not University. So it will take time to find out who they are whether they are still there or are they retired? I asked Scott what he made of this statement and he was impressed. He said that this legal firm works hard, their 'best' barrister and  lawyers are involved... The whole team is dedicated to assist him, it might take time but his case is between 2 and 5 MILL...                                                                                                                                      millions of dollars worth smile 

Scott was informed about psychiatrist report (that is in his benefit) yet he never received the copy. University refuses to respond and he is still denied the right to have the Judge and the Jury trial His case is hanging between different registrars Despite all of this there’s no single concern in Scots behavior. He said that University requested from Court another psychiatrist appointment - this time with his treating doctor who he knows for years. He is ok with that


Scott asked the same but I cant make any statements. I don’t understand legal proceedings, role of the judge, legal process... I can’t make comment about the system I don’t understand. The only thing I can say is; I do not agree with Scots statement that University still refuse to respond. University did respond very clearly.

the HERALD THURSDAY MAY 21st 09  Crisis  draggs UNI $1.4MILL into RED

Uni in RED or not d VC Prof Saunders earns more than the PM KEV747

 Like with my legal case, their response was public cry for help Who knows, it worked once maybe it will work again Whenever Uni is in crisis Citizens would donate in fear that if Uni is closed their children might lose only chance to study Everyone can’t afford to send children to distant Uni and they would do everything to make sure that this University survives If that means donations, so be it.

 UPDATE JUNE 8 '09   

I received phone call from Scott who was in a very good spirit What I liked about Scott was his wittiness and brightness to pick up the things between ‘the words’ He was very good in that. You didn’t need to spend hours explaining something – he would understand ‘the issue’ and was able to respond exactly to the problem – he was so good in that.

This Scott is just a shadow of what he was once. Many of you told me; How one appointment could do so much harm? But I know what many of you don’t – because it happened to me – one appointment with the social worker had change my life, ruined my marriage and scared my children for life. It was professional abuse, planed and skilled. Neither Scott nor I stood the chance.

Scott was happy, he said he was free this evening and asked me if I was busy and if not am I free to talk? He just received letter from his legal team and in it request: he must attend appointment (not with his doctor) with the new psychiatrist. It was Supreme Court order based on Ms Sue Beach request I asked Scott what he will do about this?
But Scott was so joyful, one more appointment and that’s it, considering that the psychiatrist who abused him wrote the report in Scott’s favor. If new psychiatrist do the same than Uni wouldn’t have grounds to make complains.
I asked him is he concern about seeing someone he doesn’t know?

He laughed and laughed before saying that he didn’t believe how ‘big scary mouse’ I turned into. Than he jumped to another subject about someone he meet few days ago than after 5 min returned to our conversation and asked me; What’s there to be frightened about?  I simply couldn’t wait for all this s…t to be over; if I need to see 10 psychiatrists I wouldn’t mind. Phew, no big deal. He informed me that Ms Beach took his legal team seriously and after 5 years (from court to court) she found legal firm to present University.

“So those two years in the Supreme Court were not serious enough?”
But Scott was gone from this topic, he told me he is about to go out, he has some friends waiting for him and he said he appreciate my interest in this case and thanked me for the phone call. He promised next time he will contact me.

Scott’s case is in Supreme Court Sydney from 2007

University still didn’t respond.

Request for judge and the jury is ignored

Hearing continues




Scott’s appoitment with new psychiatrist

Scott had appointment with psychiatrist the Court recommended. This time Scott was not abused. Looks like this time Scott had an expert from psychiatric field. After just 2 hours and one 15 min questionnaire, psychiatrist came up with diagnosis. Lucky Scott. Some patients had to visit psychiatrist for 12 months before diagnosis is established, but this doctor...wow. Some people with psychiatric injury are just plain lucky. Lucky Scott. I asked Scott what’s his understanding of his case, what else had to be done before hearing in front of jury takes place? Scott is very confident, everything is in hands of his law firm (with no connection to supreme court whatsoever) he doesn’t need to attend any hearings, and they will do that for him. It will cost a fortune... but its worth. There’s a lot of written correspondence between Scott and his legal firm; he sees that as very professional and very expensive




"No one who calls NSW home should walk the streets in fear, especially those who are our guests," Mr Rees said. "The NSW Government shares the concern expressed by the Commonwealth."

'No one who contributes to my $55.000 a day office should walk the streets in fear, especially those who are in $5.3 billion group' Mr Rees said 'The NSW Government and the Commonwealth are united in this'








corrupt Premier


Police Minister Tony Kelly Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione and Citizenship Minister Virginia Judge will attend the meeting. India's consul general and a Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade representative will also be invited.NSW Premier Nathan Rees said today the international education sector pumped about $5.3 billion into the state's economy each year,

 KEV747 TO AU                      AU TO KEV747  

fair shake of the sauce bottle, Kev

Australia is the safest country in the world for international students