Monday’s announcement that the ABC will make 80 positions redundant is just the latest move in an enforced process of change to the public service broadcaster. It has a long way yet to run. The announcement…  The man in charge is BEN GOLDSMITH

I am more than happy to publish what you want me to publish but dont expect mirracles.
ABC is tax founded. Therefore people employed work for Australia - not for any other country. ABC serves Australia - not anyone else. Australia supports OUR political parties - whether Libs, Labor, One Nation, SexParty... whatever party.. its our AUSTRALIAN Party and we the voters expect A B C and S B S to be neutral. We have Murdoch Media to express bias, blame one race over another, favour one Minister over another.. We cant afford to give up on OUR Australian Icons, part of OUR identity, picture of who we are as a nation and as a people.
To conclude - when it comes to Average Joe, ABC Board of Directors position - IS OPEN. We strongly encourage former politicians Mr Peter Costello, Mr Paul Keating, Mr John Hewsong to consider these priviledged positions and save - what could be saved.
I ask AU political heavyweights not to through bricks on me. I am the voice of concern citizens ( although I think JUST THE SAME) This is something that should come from Alberichi, Paul Murray, Peter VanOnselen, Helen Dely. If not than from 60 MIN <-- not Murdoch founded .. and everyone else who call her / himself a journalist.
I would be happy to hand in this responsibility because NSW politicians and Mr Spigelman tend to blame everyone else before they take a good and hard look at their own performance. Cheers


abc is deteriorating.

Why involve SBS - Nobody complains about SBS

There's nothing more I can do. I went through all of this already once, in Supreme Court. History is repeting itself. I cant go against this man all over again. You have to understand, what I was 10 years ago I am not today. What Mr Spigelman did to me has taken its tool. I can only publish your requests, but everythings on Twitter. Entire Australia is fighting hard for our ABC. We cant expect help from our Government, MPs, Ministers... Mr Spigelman want go easy and even if he goes he will find someone to blame; you, me, anyone but himself.