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Appearing on the Today Show, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey openly lied about his massive and complex Orwellian program of censoring users.

When asked does he censors users and hides posts which the company deems to be hate speech, and he Dorsey answered absolutely not.

This is patently false. Twitter has developed an entire new algorithm to bury and/or hide posts from peoples feeds

Twitter has also been mass-banning people for political speech.

The company has put together an Orwellian thought-monitoring council referred to twistedly as the Trust and Safety Council giving them the ability to shut down people who hurt their feelings.

It is telling that this was a main question in the interview. People are very upset. But even while Twitter stock is collapsing, they would rather provoke everyone off by shutting them down than be accused of allowing politically incorrect speech.

As I said at the beginning of the year, 2016 is the year of the great Shut Down. If you havent lost your Twitter account yet (mine is taken over) be prepared to in the coming months.

Also, be prepared to have all your other crap shut down.

But we shall overcome.