It's not about O'Farrell

It's not about O'Farrell
20 April 2014

Judge Ipp


 1   MY WEBSITE, EMAIL, PC and everything else is tampered with It takes me 2 hours to post one tweet or my website isnt accesible no matter how hard I try.
Mr Spigelman has powerful support organization; the richest people around the world. To destroy one computer isnt big deal when you sit on a few billion dollars.

 2   Yes its true; all the links related to my case are gone from web or not accesible. Even Hague has given up. This link is gone from Internet. Its impossible to leave the feedback but if you somehow succeed to leave the feedback you'll get a virus that will destroy your hard drive

 3   I dont use BLUE text colour for my linx. I use red. Every link posted on this website in BLUE someone else added in an effort to distruct you from the real issue

 4   Using blue double underline for link is oldfashioned, not many countries use this style. So when you see that kind of link that points to advert about employment, shopping... etc, THATS NOT published by me. For years I am paying Lycos to have advert free website so any advert you see is not published by me



FFS Paul Barry suggesting that attacks/comments against the ABC IS orchestrated! It's fcking biased you idiotic fool !


Time to sell the ABC for propagating its biased left wing rubbish! Navy assists asylum seekers!!


List of things the biased ABC refused to see, hear or speak of ABC thinks its fine to treat Australians as mushrooms


Cannot believe how biased the was then in discussing Abbot Point. Bowen residents certainly don't feel it's their ABC.


The ABC crew are the most untalented, uncharismatic, ugly, biased, poorly presented individuals that have ever been pushed into our faces


Question Time is the best TV show on the ABC. We actually hear the govt without the biased distortion.


Old Scott: "The ABC cannot afford to be biased, or be seen to be biased, we can take no editorial position in news".


today most people have been gobsmacked by the excessive salaries paid to ABC hasbeens for biased shows


If you agree it is time for the Govt to sell off the ABC and their biased left wing reporting RT this NOW !!!


How bad is the attitude of the ABC, never laying fault with their Labor mates! Time to sell the ridiculously biased ABC!


typical tony. Let the lefties talk as much as they want but cut the libs off because time is short.


This explains why the ABC is so biased towards Big Government advocates: Labor, Greens & Communists of course


#7.30 ABC unbelievable. Biased in running selective clips. PM Abbott's trip to Indonesia was successful and ABC find it difficult to say so.


Since the blurb says ' Its your ABC" When did MY ABC become nothing but a biased mouthpiece for the ALp? Time to sell it off.


Looks like ABC are in officially plugging Krudd today! Seems their finding all negative reports on TA! So biased!


I refuse to watch biased ABC. Yes Murdoch papers are biased to Abbott but they are commercial. Our taxes pay for ABC SBS. Shame.


Woo Hoo!!! Not before bloody time either! I am so fed up with the totally biased ABC!


Excellent: Abbott to make ABC more efficient. Savings from the biased broadcaster:


ABC slash_n_burn coming & you self-righteous biased amateurs are it. LEFT-WING CLOWNS


Once again the ABC shows how biased & uncharitable it is. They can't bring themselves to acknowledge the sucess of the PM's Asian tour.


the arnt biased, that's what they tell us!!! ROFL a car salesman has more credibility than the


Incredible slander of Australian Defense personnel by a biased ABC! The ABC needs to be accountable for such unfounded rubbish!!


ABC News corrupted by News Corp views Austin’s complaint is that News Corp is a corrupted & biased excerpt


Mark Scott is conning us when he says his ABC isn’t biased - then publishes this hate of Abbott


Time the ABC sacked the biased lefty Cassidy & started this program with a balanced commentator and a balanced panel!


Shutup Bob - The ABC not biased?: Former PM Bob Hawke slams 'terrible bias' of New Corp election coverage For...


Can we ask why the ABC is so biased to the left in its journalistic commentary Maybe the ABC needs more legislation to stay centered!


All liberal voters need to not watch for a month until stop being so biased. How does Bill get to talk so long??


Murdoch is allowed to be biased. News Ltd is a private company. The abc on the other hand should not be biased because its public


It's not fair to call the ABC Labor-biased - after all, they heavily push the Greens' agenda too


Sick of hearing this biased, negative crap from the ABC. I can't wait for a fair, balanced account .


Score: (10) - (0) - despite a very biased Emma Albarici trying to trip MT at every turn


Rudd takes exception to Murdoch Press. I take exception to ABC & biased media that stand behind RUDD.


Hey under your leadership ABC certainly seems to trawl the gutters in its biased one sided agenda






trouble in paradise.



about NSW Commissioner
   you investigate corruption or not,
       there's no pick and choose

this was published on ICAC website >> Investigating Corruption
The ICAC has significant powers to investigate corrupt conduct involving or affecting the NSW public sector. This includes state government agencies, local government authorities, members of Parliament and the judiciary <<

Mr SPIGELMAN resigned with millions of dollars in his pocket, unlawfully taken from victims of crime. Judge IPP refused to investigate, refused to reopen my case, refuse to compensate.

Mr O'FARRELL went down for one bottle of wine. <<

Spigelman's Legacy.


“The Failure of the 4th Estate”
by jim_worth
POSTED: SUNDAY, 6/26/2011
Media conglomerates are destroying American democracy!
Giant media corporations have altered the concept of a ‘Free Press.’ Their failure to uphold the tenets of the 4th estate is contributing to the erosion of our precious democracy.
The problem lies in ownership, or lack thereof.
We, ‘the people,’ no longer own the airwaves having allowed Congress to sell that freedom to profit hungry media groups—inextricably obligated to their investors—creating a press that is no longer free, and, in many cases, conspiratorial in the attempts to tear down democracy.
Both weakness and bias in the media have been obvious for a considerable time but no one wants to attack it straight on!
Have we abandoned the search for truth—bowing to the hunt for profits?
In an article by Bill Moyers in July, 2008, he portrayed the 4th estate as the fifth column, essentially complicit in their failure to pursue the truth.
Our Forefathers understood the importance of a free press as a check and balance to government when they established freedom of the press in the First Amendment. That freedom was for the benefit ‘of the people’ and critical to the preservation of democracy.
Government has allowed mergers and acquisitions which have created six corporate media giants. To our extreme detriment, the consolidation of media sources has suppressed the public voice, essentially constricting freedom of speech.
What we now have, instead of news, are corporate organizations posing as news providers, more interested in fluff and entertainment than the issues of vital importance to an informed citizenry.
The divisiveness and deterioration in society can be correlated with the decline in ‘real’ journalism.
A result of this weakness, unforeseen by the architects of the Constitution, is possibly the least knowledgeable electorate in the world—easily manipulated and controlled.
As big corporations gain media power the access of information declines. Investigative staffs are cut limiting news gathering while improving the bottom line.
This has never been more evident than the rise of the Tea Party and their complete disconnect from the ‘real’ issues facing this nation.
Exaggerated coverage of Tea Party events has distorted and grossly skewed the political view of the nation. Fox’s blatant promotion of the Tea Party, overemphasizes their significance, exaggerates their relevance, and is destructive to the political discourse.
There are ‘real’ grass roots movements occurring throughout the country that are receiving little coverage from legimate news agencies and none, or biased and targeted coverage from Fox.
These movements, besides being for good cause, are multi-times larger, more important, more relevant to the survival of democracy and this country than any of the Tea Party gatherings.
Investigative journalism is nearly non-existent—and, unfortunately—has been supplanted by the destructive slant of Fox Media. But is slant even a good definition for the methods used by NewsCorp to obscure and misdirect their viewers from the truth?
There is massive evidence that Fox not only distorts the news, but lies in the dissemination of important, newsworthy information. Some like to call it spin, but it is much more than that, and dangerous to ‘the people’ in a free society.
A preponderance of evidence is available, such that the Federal Communications Commission should pull NewsCorp’s license for violations of their responsibility to ‘the people’ of this country.
In fact, Fox’s presentation and manipulation of the news borders on one of the 14 characteristics of fascism: media is indirectly controlled by government regulation, or sympathetic media spokespeople and executives. Fox also exercises selective censorship in its choices of news coverage. A limited, media-controlled flow of information is never a desirable thing.
The rest of the news media, newspapers, radio, and television, with few exceptions, are failing to meet their journalistic charge and far from living up to our forefather’s expectations.
They’d rather spend more time, more column inches, more micro-waves, on Anthony’s weiner, Palin’s gaudy bus vacation, the Casey Anthony murder case, and Bachmann’s gross misrepresentations, than troubled nuclear plants in flood swollen Nebraska, the Republicans holding the middle-class hostage over raising the debt ceiling, the ‘real’ grass roots movements and recalls in Wisconsin and other Midwest states, or the ‘real’ effects of the tax cuts for the wealthy.
Fluff instead of substance.
Pointless fluff is entertaining but, does not serve the needs of the nation at a time when so many things are wrong in this country.
We’ve paid an extreme price for selling one of our greatest freedoms, one of democracies greatest assets—freedom of the press—to the highest bidder.
It is time we reestablish a competitive news environment by breaking up the big media agencies and return to the limited ownership of the past; return to the tenets established by the Constitution for the 4th estate.
First and foremost would be the elimination of the NewsCorp propaganda machine. Then, systematically move to dismantle the other five conglomerates, limiting their reach and encouraging honest news organizations to grow.
Maybe, with the proper regulatory scalpel, the 4th estate can again live up to its constitutional expectations and reverse the downward political and economical spiral we’re battling.
And return to the greatness a healthy and functioning democracy promises.
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.Jim Worth

“Isolated From the Truth”
by jim_worth
America’s news organizations are failing the people!
Journalism in America has become as big a problem for the country as Congress. Media conglomerates’ fail to meet their obligations under the Constitution of the United States. It’s almost impossible to escape their control of the news content. And it’s getting worse.
Their failure has left the nation vulnerable to an historical decline.
Freedom of the press was included in the 1st Amendment by the founders as a check on government to insure the preservation of our democracy.
Is our precious democracy at risk?
It is definitely under siege as a result of limited media ownership and if not for the advent and open forum of the internet our democracy may have already succumbed to the perils of media corporatocracy.
Media consolidation undermines the flow of information and has reduced the public’s access to vital imformation necessary to maintain an educated electorate and a vibrant democracy.
What media does exist has prescribed to a policy of false equivalency; a policy which further divides our nation. But, what is really false, is the appearance of equivalence. There is, unfortunately, no equivalence in today’s political environment yet it’s reported as if there is.
What, exactly, is the function of the media? Why was freedom of the press included in our Constitution?
The press: newspapers, eventually radio, and later extended to television news, was expected to be a check on government, an element that would insure the transparency of government actions, abuses, corruption, miscarriages, and inadequacies. A vigilant watchdog for the people, to keep government honest and accountable to the people.
What constitutes false equivalency and how does it interfere with the dissemination of news and a healthy democracy?
False equivalency is the attempt to make something sound like both parties are equally at fault or equally responsible for a particular action or inaction, particularly in politics. Reporting it that way is not only wrong, but is damaging to the discourse of a democratic society. In recent politics, fraught with lies, misinformation, disinformation, and omission, the onus is on the media to properly report the facts.
And facts show that the Republican Party is wholly responsible for the dysfunction and grid lock in Washington. They are also mostly responsible for the recession, our deficit, the housing crisis, and the banking crisis as well as many other fiascos.
The failure of the media, of individual journalists, of entire networks to point out the imbalance is a collapse of the 4th Estate and a dereliction of duty under the Constitution.
When discussing media failure, lies, and false equivalency, the worst offenders are Fox News, it’s ownership, and hosts. NewsCorp, and all media under the leadership of Murdoch, whether it be television, radio, or print, violate the sacred tenet and spirit of a free press.
Fox fails on all levels and has become a purveyor of right-wing propaganda serving no other purpose than to promote their extreme — and at times undemocratic — agenda. Their utter disregard for truth and the intent of the 1st Amendment is appalling.
What’s even more egregious is how many people in the Fox cabal: administrators, hosts, contributors, and guests buy into their subterfuge, the networks willingness to convey misinformation — information absent facts — and to forfeit their integrity for a paycheck. To promote an ideology for which there is little truth. Most appear to be lacking a moral compass. As a result they have the least informed viewers in the country.
Additionally Fox tends to engage in combative journalism. Their shows are often incendiary and frequently contentious, designed to incite their audience rather than present valuable and honest information.
Though Fox is the worst, nearly all of the mainstream media is weak and cowers to political pressure either out of fear of being called liberal or of the inability to get guests to appear on their innocuous shows. Shows like Meet the Press on NBC, The Situation Room on CNN, Morning Joe on MSNBC, and This Week, on ABC would rather entertain than inform.
Continually maligned by conservatives and right-wingnuts the shows on MSNBC present the most factual information from which to draw intelligent and informed conclusions. There is, frankly, no comparison between the dweebs on Fox — Hannity, O’Reilly, Kelly, and Cavuto and the informed presentations of Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, Lawrence O’Donnell, and the Rev, Al Sharpton. And one of the strongest voices of factual information and informed outrage, Cenk Uygur, of The Young Turks has been temporarily muted.
Our media is so weak that some of the best sources of honest reporting come from comedians, John Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Bill Maher. Though comedic in their approach all three bring the lies, misinformation, hypocrisy, and craziness to light. Their comedy clearly exposes what a joke our media has become.
But the joke could be on us if our media continues to fail the American people.
The threat of a weak media is more dangerous than that of Al Qaeda or any terrorists organization — more important to our survival than Homeland Security or the NSA.
Entertainment disguised as news is not only an insult to our integrity but also to the wisdom of our forefathers.
A free press is vital to our individual freedoms and to our survival as a democracy. Limited ownership is a threat to those freedoms and weak journalists, fearful of doing their job, only add to the problem.
Wake up America! As journalism falters information dies.
The result? Millions of American citizens are isolated from the truth, blind and unable to see America’s unfortunate decline.