i'm listening

i'm listening
you asked

What I should do?

no, i'm not here to give advice, i'm here to listen, support and speak on your behalf. that's how I see my role.


Yes. It was published the same day when I was informed. Browse through my Twitter pictures and you'll find it.
It's also on my website.

For who we are going to vote?

Guys, expend your horizons. For the first time in our history we have a lot of parties to choose from. If you want to know them better, they have to be in Canberra. What I have seen on media is 'All same, All same' and the Politicians we do not want are given 100% media attention. I will vote for brand new party.

We don't trust news, media, politicians. We want information of your choice. We won't accept NO for an answer.





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uprooted palestinians


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